Daily Press Writes of “Charged Atmosphere” at Board Meeting

AR-150219821.jpg&MaxW=650Another “Charged Atmosphere” board meeting. The struggle continues between Adelanto teachers “ADTA” and the Adelanto Elementary School District. Intro from the article:

“A vocal crowd of close to 200 people packed the Adelanto Elementary School District boardroom on Tuesday, bringing attention to stalled bargaining talks between the teachers union and administrators.

Parents and children joined teachers’ union leaders from Victorville, Hesperia, Barstow and Silver Valley school districts in support of the Adelanto educators. The collective bargaining battle has gone on for more than a year, and Adelanto teachers met last month to discuss the possibility of a strike.

“We are standing behind you,” said Beth Pierce, a union leader from the Victor Elementary School District. “We have teachers who feel that what is happening is completely unfair. We want you to know that every sign is worth it, every red shirt (worn in solidarity) is worth it, and every tear you shed is worth it. We’re there for you.””

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Original source is here: http://www.vvdailypress.com/article/20150219/NEWS/150219821/13060/LIFESTYLE

Parents Picketing The District


The Adelanto parents have a Facebook Page called Adelanto Teachers We Love You.

The Victorville Daily Press has done a series of articles on our struggle. This one focuses on the parent support: http://www.vvdailypress.com/article/20150211/NEWS/150219963
(pdf available for download below)



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Teacher Contract Dispute Makes Headlines Again

Another article has been published in the Daily Press.
Source: Adelanto school board meeting heats up over contract dispute.
board-meeting-heatADELANTO — A four-hour-long meeting got heated Tuesday night as frustrated parents and teachers took on the Adelanto Elementary School District Board of Trustees over stalled teachers union negotiations.

Two newly-seated board members and three incumbent trustees remained mostly stone-faced as parents and young students shared emotional comments asking for the district to settle the teachers’ contract issue and reduce the number of substitutes teaching classes.

“When will this end?” said Lucero Diaz in Spanish, as a translator next to her interpreted. “We’re not negotiating tomatoes and chilies, we’re talking about the education of our children.”
Diaz, 45, is originally from Mexico and is the mother of twins that attend Donald F. Bradach Elementary School. She said parents were “willing to work to help teachers.”

Talks between the Adelanto Teachers Association and the district first began in October 2013 according to ADTA, and the talks are now being led by a state-appointed neutral party in order to reach an agreement.

Chief Personnel Officer Steve Desist, who is the lead negotiator for AESD, said he didn’t want to comment on the ongoing discussions because he didn’t want to “negotiate through the newspaper.”
Another parent, Kelly Jeffers, told the board that it was “absolutely appalling” that the district was “driving teachers out” to replace them with new teachers and substitutes.

“It’s an injustice to our children and it’s absolutely unfair,” Jeffers said. “I ask you to stop taking advantage of our population of Adelanto. We do have a voice.”

One mother threatened to pull her child out of school if the teachers go on strike next month. The union threatened the strike a week ago when a scheduled negotiation meeting was delayed.

Superintendent Edwin Gomez said he heard the public’s concerns and was taking note of them.
“We are going through challenging times in our district and we do want to see a resolution,” Gomez said. “We have a date set in February and I think our teachers, community and students deserve that.”
Newly-elected Trustee Jayson Hughes attempted to console the teachers by stating: “I feel your pain as a teacher myself.”

“I think you’re doing a fantastic job by voicing your opinions,” Hughes said. “And I think we’re all going to be happy and surprised. Be patient for one month or two and I’m sure there is going to be a good resolution.”

Several teachers contended that the sticking point of the negotiations regarded an increase in the school day by 30-40 minutes. Teachers said their work day would extend 18 percent but they were not being offered compensation equal to their per-diem rate.

AESD was also the only district in San Bernardino County to not meet a state mandate to pay 60 percent of its budget to teacher salaries last year, they said. The district fell about $2.9 million short of the benchmark.”

Read the full article at the Daily Press website here: Adelanto school board meeting heats up over contract dispute.

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ADTA Struggle Makes Front Page!


The current ADTA struggle with AESD made the front page of the newspaper! The following is an excerpt from the original Daily Press article.

“ADELANTO — The Adelanto teachers union is looking into the possibility of a strike in February after bargaining negotiations recently passed the one-year mark and the district fired its chief business officer, a California Teachers Association spokesman confirmed.

“Where they are at this point, they are conducting a strike assessment this week, among other activities,” said Frank Wells of CTA. “Everything they’re doing is in the hope of getting a settlement and avoiding a strike.”

adtaWells said district officials postponed a meeting scheduled between the union and the district last week, which has further infuriated union officials. The district and teachers first began negotiations in October 2013 and have been at impasse since July. The next time the two sides are expected to meet is Feb. 23.
“There was a fact finding scheduled for tomorrow and the district has now asked that to be postponed to late February,” Wells said on Thursday. “If there were to be (a strike) it would not happen until after that fact finding. We’re still a ways away from that and hopefully we won’t need to get there.”

Contract negotiations typically occur between a California teachers union and district administrators every three years, according to the CTA website.

In Adelanto, bargaining talks between the district’s administrators and Adelanto Teachers Association are now being mediated by a state-appointed neutral as they are in the fact-finding stage.

The main issues being disputed include the rate of a healthcare benefits cap, salary rates for “professional development days,” walk-thru evaluations, and the extension of work day hours, according to an ADTA Powerpoint presentation delivered to teachers on Wednesday…”

Read the whole article published first at: Adelanto teachers union, administrators remain at odds – News – VVdailypress.com – Victorville, CA.

Archived pdf of the article: [embeddoc url=”http://www.adtatoday.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Adelanto-teachers-union-administrators-remain-at-odds-News-VVdailypress.pdf” download=”all” viewer=”google”]