Remarkable Moments at Feb. 1 AESD Emergency Board Meeting

Upon reading a surprise announcement on the AESD website of a board meeting to be held the day before February 2, 2015 negotiations, the ADTA Core Organizing and Communications team worked through the night to gather a delegation of teachers to show solidarity at the emergency meeting. The ADTA Organizers from each school site mobilized 63 teachers quickly. They did this despite the fact it was held at 8am on Super Bowl Sunday. Adelanto teachers once again showed the district that its members can mobilize on a moment’s notice.

ADTA members spent some down time together as the board went to closed session shortly after 8am. Even though the school board was in closed session with no timeframe to return, most all ADTA members stayed, wanting to make their presence known. Someone in attendance relayed that a board member walked through the doors about 7:45am as the teacher was coming in. The board member said, “What are all you teachers doing here on a Sunday morning?” The teacher replied, “We are here checking up on what you guys are doing.”

ADTA teacher Christine Smith made an impassioned speech to the board. In it she said, “You don’t respect me or my friends,” pointing to the ADTA teachers in red shirts behind her. Teachers in the audience were seen fighting back tears at times when she spoke. She stated that she doesn’t feel respected by the district and as a result she is considering employment elsewhere. ADTA is frustrated that we are losing good teachers like Ms. Smith because of the disrespect teachers feel from the district.

Marie Calvo-Roth, Special Education Teacher at Eagle Ranch also spoke to the board. She gave an impressive and heartfelt speech outlining all the recent ADTA actions held during Unity Week in early January and beyond. She detailed how the actions have impacted her personally as she connected with the supportive Adelanto parents, community, and teachers. Her remarks are posted here with her permission.

More photos are on Flickr.

Many thanks to the ADTA Organizing team: Nanette Cadilli (Chair), Denise Brail (Co-Chair), Kimberly Toney Smith, Dawn Cummins-Fernandez, Abigail Serena, Lauren Bingenheimer, Timothy Lang (Communications) and Damien Riley (Co-Communications)