ADTA 2017 – 2018 Executive Board Candidates and Biography Sketches

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ADTA 2017 – 2018 Executive Board Candidates and Biography Sketches

Marnee Durgin – Candidate for Member-At-Large
• Site Organizing Captain during recent crisis
• Site Representative for the last two years
• Dedicated to supporting and serving our members
• I want to make a difference!

Kimberly Smith – Candidate for Corresponding Secretary
Kimberly Smith for Corresponding Secretary because I want to be a part of a great team and make positive changes; representing ADTA with loyalty and truthfulness in actions and words.

Lauren Bingenheimer – Candidate for Recording Secretary
• Current Member-at-Large
• Secretary in the absence of elected secretary
• Serves as other executive board positions as needed
• Member of core organizing team during recent crisis
• Moving us forward

Nanette Cadilli – Candidate for President
I request your support to continue as President! With integrity, I’ve served: Interim President, Vice President, Organizing Chair, negotiations member, and site representative. I’m experienced, passionate, trustworthy, tenacious, and courageous.

Lori Rhodes – Candidate for Treasurer
• Current ADTA Treasurer – 9 years experience
• All audits passed
• Stepped up as treasurer even when not a candidate
• Faithfully serves the association in any capacity needed
• Nea/Ra delegate

Gisella Pena – Candidate for Member-At-Large
Volunteered as a leader on the Organizing Team. Currently, I am the Corresponding Secretary in the Executive Board and would love to support and represent everyone as Member at Large.

Laura Pennington – Candidate for Vice President
Pennington for Vice President! I vow a commitment towards continued progress of competitive compensation and improved working conditions. I stand for fair representation, am passionately dedicated to strengthening our association.

R. Marcella Poole – Candidate for Member-At Large
As a current ILC Member and Grievance Site Rep, she is an experienced, transparent professional supporting true contract compliance and fair and strong representation for all ADTA members.