Bargaining Update

The following update went out to ADTA teachers 2.23.15

“The ADTA bargaining team met for the factfinding hearing today, February 23, 2015. We met from 9 am to 7pm. We entered mediation after the presentation and even though your team worked diligently to reach an agreement for ADTA members we did not get a settlement. While progress was made there are still issues in dispute.

The District changed its last, best and final offer after the close of the presentations. How that change will affect you will be explained at a general membership meeting on Wednesday, February 25th , at 4pm at Columbia MS. All unit members should attend to hear the ADTA Bargaining team report the information.

As we have informed you in previous meetings and notices, without an agreement today, the factfinding panel chairperson has 30 days to issue a non-binding recommendation to the union and the district.

Your bargaining team thanks you for all your support and will continue to fight on your behalf.

Thank You